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How it works

How to rent a room at Room Estate?

Our processes are specificaly designed to quickly and easily move into a room into a shared apartment or studio apartment.

  • Find a Room
  • Apply Online
  • Sign the Contract
  • Move in

Find the perfect room in your city.

Step 1

Find a Room

Use our search function to find the right room in your desired region. Benefit from various advantages that we have provided you on our website.

  • Virtual tour

    You are not enough photos of the room? No problem. With our virtual tour of the room you can easily walk through the room and look at every corner and edge.

  • Meet flatmates

    You want to know who lives with you. Register in a few minutes and get to know the flatmates of your future apartment.

  • Detailed information

    What is included? How is the apartment equipped? When can I move in? Find all information on the respective room page.

Step 2

Apply Online

Sign up for one or more rooms simply and without obligation by clicking on "Register now". Just fill in the registration form a few minutes and upload the necessary documents.

  • Official ID

    (e.g. identity card or passport)

  • Employment contract or school certificate

    (e.g. employment contract, confirmation of enrollment, letter of intent, etc.)

  • You do not have everything ready right away? No problem. Upload what you have and send us the documentation via e-mail or post.

Step 3

Sign the Contract

Be checked by our stuff within 24 hours and complete your personal rental agreement for the room from digital and secure the room. In some cases, you can choose the start date and customize the contract to your personal needs:

  • Flexibility options

    Adjust the minimum stay that suits your needs with our flexibility options.

  • Security options

    Reduce the amount of money you have to pay at the beginning. With our security options you can select how much capital you want to commit at the beginning.

Step 4

Move In

Receive your keys sent to one of our partner branches and move into your room from contract date.:

  • User Cockpit

    We have put together some tips and information in your cockpit so that you can move into your room and settle in smoothly in your new city.

  • The Community

    Your new roommates will certainly be waiting for you. That's why you can already get in touch with all members of the community from the moment you sign the contract, have a vote in community decisions or edit your conditions.

Our service

Why is Room Estate the perfect provider for you? Why Room Estate

Our services and rooms can be adapted to your individual needs and offer you the greatest possible comfort. But did you already know about the following advantages of Room Estate?

  • Stylishly furnished

    We give high priority to the equipment in the rooms.

  • Independet provider

    No commisions or hidden costs.

  • Individual leases

    Each of our tenants has a separate tenancy agreement.

  • Serviced & all included

    All our communities are directly organized by us.

  • Room Flip

    Easily move from one room to another.

  • Tenant Cockpit

    Info about your tenancy, property or your flatmates.

Still have some questions? We have you covered.

Our Helpdesk is always available to give you information.

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